002 – Sack Race

Sack Race

MP in car that gets stopped by police
‘Sack her’ – soon trending on twitter
Stopped because her and the driver were black
Yet she’s piled on by all the bullshitters 

Ironic of course, is the following storm
It’s explained at great length how she’s wrong
That it wasn’t their colour that prompted the stop
But that their car somehow didn’t belong 

‘Our records show that your car’s not from here’
Though that quickly was proved as untrue.
But would they have chosen, to look the plate up 
Had the driver been Starmer, or you?

Lawrence, Macpherson and through to today
Institutional problems abound
The denial that such things could even exist
Means solutions are not being found 

We should welcome the challenge from those with a voice  
The baseline equation’s at fault 
Posh car plus black equals suspect
Can no longer remain the default.  

Your grace under pressure’s inspiring
So Dawn – solidarity sister
Keep using your platform for those with no voice 
And together we’ll fight the truth twisters 

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

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