004 – That’s The Role For Me!

That’s the Role for Me!

Did you know that amongst all of the roles in our establishment
We now have a role called Clandestine Channel Threat Commander 
Whose role appears to be to encourage people to drown
Instead of helping them.  Like some twisted bystander

It made me think about the roles that we should have 
What about a clandestine making people happy commodore
Or secretive chief in charge of keeping people safe and warm
Or undercover major in charge of general well-being and more

For some obscure reason, those would seem ridiculous
Some sort of distortion – a break from the norm
Yet let’s be honest: they’d be far closer to what is needed
Than the ridiculous attempts to portray migrants as a swarm

So if we’re going to create job roles to protect us in future 
Let us create roles that offer some real support 
Let us create roles that each of us would aspire to hold
Rather than one steeped in the worst kind of blood sport.  

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

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