008 – Well That’s All Sorted Then

Sometimes it’s hard to know just where to start
It’s hard to pry all of this chaos apart
But pry it we must, with all of our hearts
The stakes are now simply too high

A major change published on Twitter at night
Through a courtesan press with no backbone in sight
While the A level scandal continues to bite
Distraction or something more sly?

So Hancock is blaming the PHE team
For following his orders, least that’s how it seems
So now he engenders a brand new regime
In the hope that this one will comply

So who will be holding the reins in its place?
The woman who failed running our track and trace
They must find it hard to maintain a straight face
In the face of the public outcry 

That Harding, Gardiner, Doyle and Hancock 
Should blame PHE shouldn’t come as a shock 
If it wasn’t so serious, t’would be easy to mock
But for now, I’ll just keep asking why.  

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

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