010 – Fed Up With Being Fed Up

It’s too easy.
And at the same time
It’s too hard.

I sit and think
What shall I write now
Too much choice

I want to write
Something uplifting
But I’m cross.

Cross all the time
And I think I need
To stop that

So here’s a joke:

How many tories
Does it take
To change a lightbulb?

A spad or two to decide to remove the existing lightbulb
A courtesan journalist to break the news on twitter at 10pm
A handful to invent something that doesn’t give off any light, but that matches some weird ideological position that they have.  
A civil service who are asked to force this thing that isn’t a lightbulb into the socket 
A minister to categorically state that the new approach is exactly what is needed
A prime minister to shout about the benefits of darkness
A minister to categorically state that darkness is the future and won’t be changing 
A minister to announce that the policy has been dropped
A civil service to mop up the problems cause by all of the above.  

I’ll have them rolling in the aisles.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

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