018 – This Is Not Accidental

This Is Not Accidental

Prepare the detail, then make the announcement
Not make the announcement, and then have to say
We’ll explain all the detail a little while later
So confusion then reigns for the following days

The voice in your head shouting out loud and clear
Asking ‘how can they get this so wrong?’
Needs to pause and consider that all your confusion
Is just what they want all along.

This cannot be accidental.  It can’t.
So what is the purpose not stated?
It has to be there to distract us from all
Of the hideous mess they’ve created

While we try to define what they want us to do
We’ve stopped asking how we got here
And why we should trust just whatever they mean
When and if that should ever become clear.

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020

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