022 – Nurses Aren’t Entitled

Nurses Aren’t Entitled

A question to the minister from a member of the herd
Do you accept that nurses have a vital role?
And that they have been and continue to be very poorly paid?
And addressing that should be our primary goal

The response from the minister, did not raise much surprise?
I do accept that nurses’ role is vital 
But you must remember when you talk about the need for pay
Their rise last year means they are not entitled 

I do believe we’ve shown just how much nurses mean to all
We clap them once a week, that’s government led. 
Well minister, I don’t believe when bills have to be paid 
Suppliers will accept applause instead 

Our economy is upside down, we’ve got things back to front
We don’t reward those on whom we rely 
So when our leaders tell us that there’s nothing can be done
We mustn’t let them propagate that lie 

They have to find a way, and if they can’t they must resign
And if they don’t then we must force them out
And bring in those who will not take us back from whence we came
We can rebuild our country, have no doubt.  

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020

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