029 – He Turned

He Turned

I’m standing applauding your u-turn
You’re doing what’s good and what’s right
Though denying you had to be dragged here 
Does not seem to be all that bright

You had a good chance to be humble 
To show that you’re open to change 
But to try and pretend this was always your plan
Seems more than a little bit strange 

I know, you’d be pounced on by idiots
But they’ll do that whatever you do
It’s those with more sense need to trust you 
And to know what you’re saying is true

You’re pushing us into a corner 
Where we’re doubting each thing that you say 
So for christ’s sake admit when you’ve screwed up
Our mistrust then, might start to allay.

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020

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