022 – Slow News Day

close up of snail on ground

Slow News Day

With everything that’s going on
At home and overseas 
Covid and disturbances 
Protestors on the streets 

Our media must prioritise
‘Tween all the sorry tales
How they will inform us and 
Remove ophthalmic scales

Today they have excelled themselves
In choices that they’ve made
Everywhere I look it’s there
Garishly displayed

In print, tv and internet 
Not civil war or crime
But the cost of plastic bags in shops
Will increase in eight months time.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

021 – Socialist Irker

monochrome photo of resist signage

You’re quite the little warrior
You’ll hunt through ancient tweets
To find a hint of anything
To throw at Corbyn’s feet

And yet you’re somehow muted
No need felt to chastise
When thugs unfurl a fascist flag
Right before your eyes

Your silence echoes loudly 
And a nagging doubt persists 
It’s not fascists that irk you 
Sounds more like socialists.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

020 – A Nightingale Sang in Trafalgar Square

people walking on street

I’ve seen some unexpected sights
But none more odd this year
Than anti-mask protestors shouting
‘Freedom’ with a cheer.

No to masks, vaccines and second wave
Seemingly oblivious at
The contradictions between those three
And how together they might influence that

In the cold light of the day
They may rue that they were there
If they booked their place in The Nightingale
As they sang in Trafalgar Square.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

019 – Home Office Corridors

empty hallway with lights turned on

There are direct links to be made that’s for sure
Tween the home office shouting ‘bout asylum wars
And Britain First thugs out to settle their scores 
Harassing away in hotel corridors

We’re creating conditions where goons of this sort 
See government policies offering support
To the ideological fictions they’re taught 
As they draw up their lists of who’s next to deport

Encourage the right and there’ll be consequences 
It emboldens their type towards greater offences
So let’s move our arses from atop of these fences
And recall what the most useful form of defence is.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

018 – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding?

photo of a woman laughing wearing black top

You’ve got to hand it to them – they know just who their base is
They point dad’s army graphics at their angry reddened faces
They tell them that their problems are all caused by other races
And say the EU stops us from deporting all these cases.

The pesky lawyers share their ire – their ‘activist’ endeavours
Have angered those who don’t respect the rule of law whenever
It stops them doing what they want, and so they seek to sever
The rights afforded all of us that should be ours forever.

And so we have a government disrespecting rule of law
Alluding to invasion, hinting back to bloody wars
Suggesting all will be ok, once laws they can ignore
So please consider when it will be you they’re coming for.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

017 – God Save Our History

man holding shield statue

First of all, communal singing’s something ‘off the list’
If you’re irate ‘bout land of hope and glory, please desist
In the wider scheme of things, I couldn’t give a toss
There’s far more pressing things bout which you should be getting cross

But if you want to prod at it, then here’s the thing to muse on
The excesses of our past are things we all should have a view on
Historical abuses have an impact on today
And without the proper education, that won’t go away

Should we be singing songs that blindly glorify our past?
Not until we’ve dealt with all the questions left unasked.
It’s not distorting history to share the truths of old
Or politicising, as the National Trust’s been told

It’s being honest bout the things that got us where we are
That allows adult debate bout all we find in our memoirs
As an atheist republican who’s prone to vent his spleen,
If I was going to ban a song, I’d start with God Save The Queen.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

016 – Capitalist Death Throes

man in black suit standing in front of black monitor

Capitalist Death Throes

Economically speaking, there are greater concerns
Than the pandemic’s impact on corporate returns
Automation and AI will top all of our concerns
As capitalism struggles with it’s plunder

The killer question isn’t ‘how will robots pay their dues?’
Instead it’s ‘how will robots buy the products you produce?’
And if you don’t ‘produce’, then I’ve got some sadder news
You won’t be safe as all is torn asunder 

The thing to watch for now is the pandemic situation 
Used to justify increased employment terminations
But they won’t rehire instead they’ll seek to widen automation
The lightning strikes while we await the thunder.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

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015 – Shakespearean Summer

photo of black ceramic male profile statue under grey sky during daytime

Shakespearean Summer

Perturbed at how hard it has been to adjust
To the absence of trust in the man we entrust
As he lies without thought of the growing disgust
As the mistruths and spin speed along.

Everything’s framed as a media event
Fed propaganda, we’re left to lament,
As we crawl through the summer of this con’s tent,
That the winter ahead ’twill be long.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

014 – Cabinet Search Party

black binocular on round device

Cabinet Search Party

I have a plan.  
We’ve been looking at this all wrong.
Don’t look to end the hide and seek
Instead, seek to prolong

Send the cabinet searching 
Do you see what that could mean?
Get the full advantage 
By switching to sardines!

As each one uncovers him
They hide with him and hence
We rid ourselves of all of them
Now THAT is common sense.  

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe.