14 – The Sound of the Crowd

clear glass mason jars

The Sixty Second Scribe talks of hope, inspiration, beards and jam making while referencing a Human League song, for reasons that pretty much nobody will understand, but that make him smile. I have a sneaking feeling that will be the only time someone references those four things in a single sentence today, although I guess stranger things have happened. Anyway – this is The Sound of the Crowd.

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15 – You Know Where You Are With Johnson

person wearing beige sweater holding map inside vehicle

The Sixty Second Scribe shares a bewildering experience where a friend who he had previously had a great deal of respect for, showed herself to be more than a bit bizarre in her political approach. And left him scratching his head a great deal. And swearing a lot. Although only once in here. So do you really know where you are with Johnson?

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12 – Odd Man Out

face mask on blue background

The Sixty Second Scribe shares his genuine disgust at the actions of our prime minister in relation to a simple piece of cloth. His infantile refusal to follow even the most basic of rules, and the appalling example that sets to others in the country, suggests we’re in for a very long fight against this disease.

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