8th October 2019

We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a kraut? 
I’ve tried and tried to understand but I can’t work it out
Leave.eu?  Shame on you. 
Brexit party
Shame on you too
If you think maybe that’s just not nice?
Just google fucking Richard Tice.
Founder of one, chair of the other
Supporting one is supporting the other 
You are allowing this to happen.  

Two world wars and one World Cup?
Spouted again today 
One World Cup? 
I almost don’t know what to say   
Since the heady days of Hurst’s hat trick 
We’ve reached zero finals 
The Germans?  Six.  
What sort of boast is that?

Boasting about a single victory
From fifty five years ago
Just shows how much they’ve achieved since
And how far we’ve still to go

But it’s quite a good example I guess
Of how we’ve ended up in all this mess
Stupid attachments to former so-called glories
Fed out daily to wannabe Tories

Trump over the pond and Johnson here
Lying seemingly without fear
And yet they continue to get support?
They lie and they lie and they lie and they lie
Yet still in the polls they fly and fly

Make no mistake
We know how this ends
Blaming the ‘other’ 
Will hurt us all in the end

Watching the rise of the Nazis on telly
Seeing the jostling for power
Challenging status quo’s, laws and principles 
Dismantling structures hour by hour
Their names lost to history
Their games in the embers
Just paving the ways
For the names that we remember 

If you ramp up emotions against the other
You win
In the short term
But we all lose in the long term

When they get their way 
And things don’t improve 
Who gets the blame then
And how long before it’s you

Every line crossed, no longer surprised
No shamed resignations, no guilt in their eyes
But what makes me fear for the future my dears
Is I don’t have a clue where the fuck we go from here  

And hiding somewhere just out of sight
Is the unspoken fear at the rise of the right
That there aren’t any limits to what they’ll explore
And that soon we’re in Syria fighting Johnson’s new war
Flying the flag and killing for fun
Democracy lost behind the barrel of a gun
If that still seems unlikely, I’d say with regret,
You’re not really paying attention just yet

(c) Michael Gurner – October 2019

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