Idiot Destroyers of Progress

interior design of a courtroom
UK’s reputation plummets
Overriding the ECHR
And the world can see that we are 
Truly idiot destroyers of progress
Standing alone at the summit 
This peak of moronic intent 
Morals and integrity spent
Where we go next is anyone’s guess
Then just when it appeared to be
That our madness could not be trumped
The states think they might have us stumped 
Our lead may not be unassailable
The Supreme Court in the ‘land of the free’  
Overturns Roe v Wade and shows
They’re back in front, albeit by a nose 
And they have more inhumanity available 

22 – This Feline Has Ceased To Be

kitten lying on surface

The Sixty Second Scribe takes a look at the latest dead cat to be thrown on the dinner table, and while he recognises it for just what it is, he also considers that it might just serve a purpose. It’s difficult to say for sure, but even the supine nature of the British public must have a limit somewhere. Surely?

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14 – The Sound of the Crowd

clear glass mason jars

The Sixty Second Scribe talks of hope, inspiration, beards and jam making while referencing a Human League song, for reasons that pretty much nobody will understand, but that make him smile. I have a sneaking feeling that will be the only time someone references those four things in a single sentence today, although I guess stranger things have happened. Anyway – this is The Sound of the Crowd.

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15 – You Know Where You Are With Johnson

person wearing beige sweater holding map inside vehicle

The Sixty Second Scribe shares a bewildering experience where a friend who he had previously had a great deal of respect for, showed herself to be more than a bit bizarre in her political approach. And left him scratching his head a great deal. And swearing a lot. Although only once in here. So do you really know where you are with Johnson?

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12 – Odd Man Out

face mask on blue background

The Sixty Second Scribe shares his genuine disgust at the actions of our prime minister in relation to a simple piece of cloth. His infantile refusal to follow even the most basic of rules, and the appalling example that sets to others in the country, suggests we’re in for a very long fight against this disease.

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10 – The Turd World

cold snow wood water

A look at the topic that’s got twitter’s knickers in a twist this week, as our delightful government decide to vote down an amendment requiring our water companies to make steps towards reducing the amount of raw sewage that they chuck into our rivers, lakes and seas. Crazy anarchists we might be, but I don’t think that’s all that crazy an idea.