Halloween is Cancelled – Sad to Say it’s True

Halloween is cancelled
Sad to say it’s true 
But let’s review the reasons why
It’s what we’ve had to do
We can’t play apple bobbing
Or related fruit based tortures
There’s no one here to pick them
So they’re rotting in the orchards 
And wearing scary make up
In whose horrors you could bask
Isn’t so effective 
When you have to add your mask 
We can’t go trick or treating
Round our tired disheveled streets
The increase in inflation means
We can’t afford the treats 
So how about a simple step
An interim reprieve
That might just make things better
When it’s next All Hallows’ Eve
I know just what I’d like to do
To polish up my armour 
I’d think it quite a treat to go
And deselect Kier Starmer.
And then I’d get my Kirk mask
And drive to number ten 
And go all Michael Myers
On our unworthy pm

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