031 – Time to Break Out

art skeleton sculpture on cathedral square

Time to Break Out

Never before have I witnessed 
Contempt for the truth on this scale 
As ministers queue up to lie to
Defend an intolerable tale

They feel their careers’ are unthreatened 
That there’s nothing can bring them to book
As long as they just keep on lying
They don’t care how all of this looks 

So they lie and deceive to our faces 
And expect that we’ll just stay in tow
So we have to make sure that despite that
They end their careers as they go

When Cummings resigns, and he will soon
It must not be the end of this mess
All those who chose to support him 
Have questions they need to address

This wasn’t some error of judgement
Or a momentary lapse under strain
It was carefully thought out and conscious
And it sought to deceive us again

These people are not to be trusted
They’ve shown such contempt for us all
We cannot and must not accept this
Let’s break ourselves out of their thrall.  

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020

030 – Bursting the Bubble

clear glass sphere

Bursting the Bubble

I couldn’t conceive a more suitable case
To describe why I’d never vote Tory 
Than watching our ministers leap to defend 
#classicdom and his Durham trip story

The country has followed instructions 
To the letter with all that entails
Often at tragically personal loss
As the common good had to prevail 

It brought out the best in our nation
A courageous and mutual endeavour
Though often at deep individual cost
We stood as a nation together. 

But today shows that that was a mirage
And that bubble has brutally burst
As ministers queue up to tell us 
That it’s ok to put yourself first. 

What message that sends to those grieving 
And who’ll live with decisions they made 
For them now to be told they were wrong to
All so Johnson keeps hold of his aide.

(c) Michael Gurner – May 2020