010 – Fed Up With Being Fed Up

happy man funny sticking tongue out

It’s too easy.
And at the same time
It’s too hard.

I sit and think
What shall I write now
Too much choice

I want to write
Something uplifting
But I’m cross.

Cross all the time
And I think I need
To stop that

So here’s a joke:

How many tories
Does it take
To change a lightbulb?

A spad or two to decide to remove the existing lightbulb
A courtesan journalist to break the news on twitter at 10pm
A handful to invent something that doesn’t give off any light, but that matches some weird ideological position that they have.  
A civil service who are asked to force this thing that isn’t a lightbulb into the socket 
A minister to categorically state that the new approach is exactly what is needed
A prime minister to shout about the benefits of darkness
A minister to categorically state that darkness is the future and won’t be changing 
A minister to announce that the policy has been dropped
A civil service to mop up the problems cause by all of the above.  

I’ll have them rolling in the aisles.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe

009 – That’s Not A Virtue

five bulb lights

You hold the reins of power
There are experts all around
But you ignore them all and 
When it fails, you double down

In case you need some clarity
To help you think this through 
Ignoring those with expertise
Is neither strength nor virtue

The u turn that this ends in
Won’t address all the effects
The world you’re playing games in
Is too intricate and complex

Your experiment has failed.  
You’re hurting people. 
Step down

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe