005 – From Refuge to Deluge

light dawn landscape sunset

Fron Refuge to Deluge

And so the heavens have opened
Thoughts turn from refuge to deluge today
And we’re faced with some interesting questions
As today, it’s my dear wife’s birthday

Do we tell people ‘stay away from our garden!’?
That rain has indeed now stopped play?
I’m English, so I worry that’s presumptuous
They might not have planned to anyway.

Cross our fingers and hope for the best
That people will know not to descend?
If they do, we’ll just talk on the doorstep?
And hope that we’ll still remain friends.

Do we put the gazebo up
In the garden, in the rain?
So we can sit under a gazebo
In the garden, in the rain?

Or do we just shrug our shoulders
And say ‘well if we were working together’
Or if it was a pub, this’d all be ok 
So come in – get out of the weather.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe