22 – This Feline Has Ceased To Be

kitten lying on surface

The Sixty Second Scribe takes a look at the latest dead cat to be thrown on the dinner table, and while he recognises it for just what it is, he also considers that it might just serve a purpose. It’s difficult to say for sure, but even the supine nature of the British public must have a limit somewhere. Surely?

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15 – You Know Where You Are With Johnson

person wearing beige sweater holding map inside vehicle

The Sixty Second Scribe shares a bewildering experience where a friend who he had previously had a great deal of respect for, showed herself to be more than a bit bizarre in her political approach. And left him scratching his head a great deal. And swearing a lot. Although only once in here. So do you really know where you are with Johnson?

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014 – Cabinet Search Party

black binocular on round device

Cabinet Search Party

I have a plan.  
We’ve been looking at this all wrong.
Don’t look to end the hide and seek
Instead, seek to prolong

Send the cabinet searching 
Do you see what that could mean?
Get the full advantage 
By switching to sardines!

As each one uncovers him
They hide with him and hence
We rid ourselves of all of them
Now THAT is common sense.  

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe.

003 – Shameful Diversion


Shameful Diversion

Have you ever seen anything worse?
Than the fucking BBC In a boat?
Watching a group of scared men and women
Bailing seawater to keep themselves afloat.

What does our proud broadcaster do?  Do they help?
Do they lift them onto their own sturdy deck?
Or do they just point their cameras and hope for the worst
That those risking their necks will be wrecked.

So who here’s the biggest threat to our lives?
The desperate souls afloat on the seas?
Or is it those with so little humanity 
That they’ll offer no help, with no hint of unease

Are these brave travellers the ‘dangerous criminals’?
Described thus by our blustering PM
Or are they perhaps ‘following the instincts of every parent’?
Which our cabinet deemed fine when it was one of them.

It’s just a diversion.  This isn’t news.
Look away – ignore it – discount.
They want us discussing migration again
So we won’t hold Johnson to account.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe