007 – Johnson Junior

baby in blue blanket

Johnson Junior

Hold the front page – have we got some news
Put target concerns far away
Hard to believe – trust us it’s true
A baby was born here today 

I’m raising a glass to the talented lad
He’s clearly remarkably clever
He’s got into Eton, and oxford as well
Proof that we’re in this together 

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020

005 – Johnson Returns

cheerful asian man raising arms in excitement on sunny street

Johnson Returns

Revel, rejoice, in his resurrection 
A miracle for our troubled age
Alexander, escaped from Hades’ clenches
To bring forth guidance wise and sage 

Proudly proclaiming that as citizens all 
We are ‘Looking at our apparent success’
Although just how he comes to measure that
Is as usual, anyone’s guess

The chasm between reality and spin
Too wide for Knievel to bridge
Let alone a buffoon who’s standard response
Is to run off and hide in a fridge.

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020

004 – In the Queue at B&Q

group of men forming a libe

In the Queue at B&Q

Commitment to lockdown is waning
And it’s not hard to see why that’s true
As half of us just like complaining 
And half still aren’t clear what to do

The lack of clear guidance is telling
Business actions remain unopposed
And I find myself silently yelling
Why the fuck isn’t B&Q closed

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020

003 – Two Meters


Two Meters 

The permissible walk in the sun can be fun
Chance to bask in the wonders abound
Trees bursting forth with nature’s blooming beauty
Embracing excursions with wondrous surround

The chance to escape confinements of home
Breathing deep, life affirming air
And the nodding of meaningful glances 
With those who you meet while out there 

Yet persistently nagging while you savour your kingdom
‘Spite the wonder of all nature’s features
Is the voice in your head, to all whom you pass
Shouting ‘back off – that’s never two metres!’

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020

002 -Blossoming Beauty Sublime

pink petaled flowers blooming during daytime

Blossoming Beauty Sublime

My guess it’s always been like this
Without fail, at this time of the year
That the trees that surround us transform
As their rich wondrous budding appears

I’m guessing I’ve been too distracted
Too engrossed in the woes of my times
To notice the towering splendour
Of the blossoming beauty sublime

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020

001 – Big Night In

a woman holding a cardboard with inscription

Big Night In

There’s something disconcerting 
‘Bout requests to give your cash
From people who have vast amounts
In their own personal stash

Think of it as pasta
Or toilet rolls or bread
Where someone with a warehouse full
Wants you to give instead

The people who are asking
Are immensely wealthy acts
So I’m not going to Take That
Pay your bloody tax.

(c) Michael Gurner – April 2020