024 – A Little Rashford

crop black schoolchild with biscuit near lunch box

I was chatting to my mum last night
As I do pretty much every night.  Right?
She asked me why I wasn’t giving attention
To Marcus Rashford who surely deserve a mention

And my immediate response was that I’d prefer
To use my platform instead to transfer
The opprobrium to those who’ve actually felicitated 
And thereby whose actions have surely necessitated.  it.

But she’s right.  I should celebrate those who choose.
To use their platform to deal with issues
That the rest of us just choose to embrace 
As part of how we do things in this place.

So Marcus, I celebrate you.  I do.
You’re everything that we should be aspiring to.
And I’m happy to cheer you and hope you overcome.
Especially as it will help to placate my mum.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe