007 – Jail Them Today

hallway with window

The misplaced belief ‘mongst our leaders
That staff safety’s best left to bosses
Puts decisions right in the hands of
Those who’ll earn more if they avoid losses 

Making business responsible for safety
Is like putting the tories in charge of protecting the NHS

300 staff at a Northampton firm 
Tested positive for the virus this week
Yet we meekly accept it as ‘one of those things’
No challenge or legal critique 

How can that happen?  Please – tell me do?
’Less the guidelines we’re given are wrong
That business can not have adhered to them 
And the consequences have to be strong.  

Drag leaders of that firm in front of a judge
And make them explain it today 
And if they have failed in their duty of care
Then jail them until they obey.

The reason that we have employment laws?
Business works on dollars and cents
The conflict ‘tween profit and safety of staff
Means failure must have consequence.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe