Idiot Destroyers of Progress

interior design of a courtroom
UK’s reputation plummets
Overriding the ECHR
And the world can see that we are 
Truly idiot destroyers of progress
Standing alone at the summit 
This peak of moronic intent 
Morals and integrity spent
Where we go next is anyone’s guess
Then just when it appeared to be
That our madness could not be trumped
The states think they might have us stumped 
Our lead may not be unassailable
The Supreme Court in the ‘land of the free’  
Overturns Roe v Wade and shows
They’re back in front, albeit by a nose 
And they have more inhumanity available 

Scribal Gathering Showcase – 7th June 2022

The Sixty Second Scribe (and current Bard of Stony Stratford) is a special guest at the Scribal Gathering Showcase at The Crown in Stony Stratford, on the 7th June 2022 as part of StonyLive! A 20 minute set of mainly new material, beautifully filmed by Ian Newman, hosted by Jonathan JT Taylor and with sound by Duncan Carter.

Who Will have Lost, Who Will Have Won?

Picture the scene – it’s two days before the 2019 General Election – never has more been at stake, at least not in my lifetime, and a man steps up to the microphone to speak in front of a crowded room…

Thanks to Scribal Gathering for the gig, thanks to the delightful Caz Tricks for the filming, the shushing and the general gobby agreement. Obviously things didn’t go quite as we’d hoped, but two years on, looking back, there’s not much that I wouldn’t say again in just the same way.