017 – God Save Our History

man holding shield statue

First of all, communal singing’s something ‘off the list’
If you’re irate ‘bout land of hope and glory, please desist
In the wider scheme of things, I couldn’t give a toss
There’s far more pressing things bout which you should be getting cross

But if you want to prod at it, then here’s the thing to muse on
The excesses of our past are things we all should have a view on
Historical abuses have an impact on today
And without the proper education, that won’t go away

Should we be singing songs that blindly glorify our past?
Not until we’ve dealt with all the questions left unasked.
It’s not distorting history to share the truths of old
Or politicising, as the National Trust’s been told

It’s being honest bout the things that got us where we are
That allows adult debate bout all we find in our memoirs
As an atheist republican who’s prone to vent his spleen,
If I was going to ban a song, I’d start with God Save The Queen.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe