006 – Eh? Levels

newly graduated people wearing black academy gowns throwing hats up in the air

Eh? Levels

Work hard.  
Work yourself into self-harm.
No apologies for raising the alarm.
Put simply, you’re betting the farm.

You work hard.
And then.  You get a U.  A U.
And the craziest thing that you’re left to chew?
That U is nothing to do with you.

You got a U
Cause four years ago someone else got a U
Not you.  A different child at your school.  Got a U.
And therefore – so do you.

This system.
That favours those from private school
Is fair and robust.  Says our blustering fool
The 20th Eton prime minister.  How cruel.

So let us.
Let us sack Gavin Williamson – it’s his responsibility
Let us fight for a system not serving nobility
Let us apologise to our kids with appropriate humility.

They deserve better than this.

(c) 2020 The Sixty Second Scribe